About Us




Invictus SC was given life with one goal in mind, to shake up the existing sport with fresh view points. If the pitch is the stage for our young players, then the theater of soccer must be acknowledge as the highest show. 

We are a complete soccer club for girls and boys 18 and younger, whether you want to introduce your child to his/her first sport, or help you established your athlete, to earn a college scholarship, we're here to help you achieve it.




For us to be the best coaches and mentors not only in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex, but across our great Nation on and off the field. 

To make sure we instill GOD, CHARACTER, INTEGRITY, LEADERSHIP and COMPETITIVENESS in our player. Not only in the game of soccer but life as well.


our mission


To build a diverse Soccer Club with players that will be dedicated  and willing to be empowered and inspired to reach their full soccer ability and most important Spiritual potential. It is also our mission to prepare our player to continue playing at the college level. Here at Invictus, we pride ourselves with our 100%  accomplishment. We can't promise you that we will win all of our games; however, we can promise that we will get your child into  a college, if that is what you desire.


I do not pretend to know everything about coaching soccer. However, I truly believe that the past thirty years of coaching has given me some idea to help build better soccer players, but more importantly how to prepare your child for college soccer. I like to put my players in situational positions. I insist that they make decisions on their own. It is my job as the coach to analyze their results and provide feedback "Both positive and negative" and try to assist them in learning from their experiences. By doing this I am hoping that in the future they will make the best decision available to them. When my players leave I know they will be accountable for their actions and decisions they make. wE HAVE BEEN BLESSED BY consistently attractING ambitious players, who have passion for the game and the desire to be coached by qualified coaches.​​​​​